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The Home Front 

You're sitting by the fire, thinking about the members of your family who are overseas fighting for freedom.

You hope your loved ones are safe. You have been rationing food and other precious materials used for the war effort for five years

You're listening to the latest news on the radio. There is anticipation that the war will end soon. Then, suddenly the announcement comes, the war is over! How would you feel?




Meanwhile, Overseas...


The War Front 


You are a serviceman who has been fighting in North  West  Europe for close to a year. The date is May 4th, 1945, and you realize the end is near. Then the news arrives at last. 


A cease fire will be imposed tomorrow morning at 800 hours. No more fighting! No more Death! This information has been received in a telex which is in the hands of Signals Officer Harold Van Wyck. How would you feel?


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