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The Netherlands was one of the early victims of blitzkrieg. For five years the Dutch people would endure deprivation caused by war. Many suffered from famine caused by the German occupiers.

The First Canadian Corps left Italy to rejoin the Second Canadian Corps in Northwest Europe to begin their final campaign in liberating the Netherlands. With the soldiers' determination and the help of other Allied Forces they were able to bring the war to an end, freeing the Dutch people. 

Many local people volunteered for the war effort, including Sergeant Charles  Fisher of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps attached the 5th Canadian Armoured Division who marshaled convoys transporting vital war materiel and foodstuffs to the fighting troops and hungry citizens.  The original Cease-Fire Order Telex received by Signals Officer Harold Van Wyck is on the left. 

Harold Van Wyck
Charles Fisher's Diary, May 4/5, 1945
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Harold Van Wyck's and Charles Fisher's Original Images

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Charles Fisher's Diary, May 4/5, 1945